Installation Instruction (S-1)

power starter

Installation instructions AMC mini starters

Q1201, Q1203

Remove the old starter motor

  • 1. Negative battery cable must be disconnected from the battery before installation.
  • 2. Disconnect starter wiring and remove old starter.

Starter installation

  • 1. Make sure the mounting surface of the engine block is smooth and free of paint.
  • 2. Temporary attach the mounting block to the engine. At this point do not bolt the starter to the mounting block. Hold the starter motor temporary up into the position on the mounting block. While holding the starter motor in place, check for clearance between the starter and the engine block and the also exhaust system.
    Note there several mounting holes located at 20° increments. Rotate the starter until you have roughly equal clearance on both sides of the starter motor. Using a marker pen, make a mark across the mounting block and the body of the starter motor. Remove the starter motor and the mounting block from the engine. Install the two M5 mounting screws into the pair of holes which allow the closest alignment of the previously made marks. Using an Allen wrench, tighten the bolts.
  • 3. End clearance between the ring gear and the pinion gear teeth in the retracted position is critical. The starter pinion gear to flywheel to ring gear gap should be 1,0-2,5 mm (Fig B) when the pinion is it its relaxed position. This has to be checked in at least 4 positions by manually turning the crankshaft, If not in spec; verify that the ring gear is properly mounted. If the gap is too large or too small, add or remove shims.
    The distance from the motor mount plate to the front edge of the ring gear must be measured. (Fig 1), call it A. Now measure the protrusion of the pinion gear (Fig 3), call it B. Subtract A-B, should be 1,0-2,5 mm. Add shim if necessary. Two round 1.5 mm thick circular shims are included in the kit.

Electrical connections

  • Install the connector supplied in the kit to the wire that triggers the solenoid. Install the wire to the electrical triggering connection on the starter motor.

  • Make sure that the battery is in good condition. Also the terminals to the battery need to be inspected. If the battery is placed far from the starter motor, pay attention to voltage drop.

  • Install the battery cables and enjoy the powerful TORQQ starter.