Pro-Billet Ready to run distributor

TORQQ electric Part Number Q82402
Application Buick
Engine 400/430/455
Year 1967-1975
Built in ignition module Yes
Computer-Controlled Compatible No
Trigger Style Magnetic
Advance Type Vacuum and mechanical
Cap Style Male/HEI
Mechanical Tach Drive No
Slip Collar: No No
Gear Material: Iron Iron
Ignition Box Required No
Distributor Gear Rotation Standard, CW
Distributor Cap Color Red
Housing Material Billet aluminium
Housing Finish Natural
Marine Use No

This distributor requires a ignition coil with a primary resistance of 0.7 ohms or less.

Similar to: 8552
OEM and other part numbers are for reference purposes only.
The TORQQ electric Ready-to Run distributor are not available for sale to North America.

The TORQQ electric Pro-Billet Ready-to-Run distributors provide reliable spark from idle up to 10,000 rpm. They deliver the performance you need, for your hauler, street machine or race car. All that is required is to install the distributor in the engine, and connect three wires, the coil and set the timing. These affordable distributors have features that only high-price competing brands can match. They are equipped with vacuum advance and adjustable mechanical advance for you to custom tailor ignition curve to match your engines needs. An ignition box is not required for use with TORQQ electric Ready-to-Run billet distributors.


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