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Who we are

Torqq Electric

With over 20 year’s experience of having Automotive Performance Equipment produced in China, We at TORQQ now make the parts available with direct sales to Speed Shops. Over the years we have found the factories and specifications to meet all the quality demands. Also, with regular visits to the factories we have learned to know the people and factories behind the parts. New products are constantly added to the range. Sometimes products already in production and sometimes we start production. Quality is always the No. 1 priority. Our core business is starters and alternators but we don’t stop there, the range is expanding. We are open to suggestion of new items to add.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide the customer with quality after market parts for classic cars using modern technologies for enhanced reliability.

Our Services

  • Manufacture of quality components

  • Rare components search

  • Batch manufacturing service

  • Worldwide delivery service