Installation – Q9913

Installation – Q9913


Part no: Q9913 (on wire version) Fitting Ford 1951-1964

You are about to install a alternator that contains modern electronics in a vehicle that was not equipped with electronics before. It is very important that you read and follow the instructions. A misconnection may destroy electronic components.

TORQQ XC alternators look like DC generators. They are designed and manufactured to replace the original DC generator. They are built with brand new parts and in that they have more power at all rpm give reliability and drivability like modern cars. Additionally, the charging voltage is higher than the original in order to better fill modern batteries. All dimensions of the generator are equal to the original generator, except for the diameter which is slightly larger.

The car's electrical system: TORQQ XC alternators work on 12 volt system with negative ground.

Charge wires: Due to the higher charging current, the wires from the alternator to the battery have to be thicker than the vehicle's original system. If the original wire is used, an AWG 10 auxiliary wire has to be added, connected in parallel from B + on the alternator to the battery positive terminal. If the original wire is removed, use AWG 6..

Grounding wire: Install an AWG 10 wire on the alternators rear bolt to the car's frame/engine block. If the original wire is removed, use AWG 6. This ground wire is important because the generator housing is powder coated and is not electrically conductive.



Original voltage regulator: This is not used. You have the choice of either remove the voltage regulator and remove the wires that are not used or let them be and insulate the wires that are not needed.

Belt: The alternator has a pulley designed for 9.5 mm (3/8 ") belt. If another belt type is used the pulley must be replaced. It is very important that the belt tracks, adjust if necessary.